As many children who have grown up in inner cities, Adonius “Ajaye” Johnson was a child with big dreams and a vision that spanned beyond the environment he grew up in. He was born into poverty, raised by a single mother along with his two siblings on the southside of Chicago. This was his reality, however, he knew in his heart he was not a product of the environment in which he was raised in. He envisioned greater for himself and his family. At a young age he was intrigued with computers and upon completion of high school, his interest led to a pursuit of a degree in computer science. Adonius future looked bright! That is until his pursuit was brought to a tragic halt, due to unforeseeable life events that eventually led to poor life choices and ultimately his future being held in the hands of the justice system. Allegations of a crime were made against him and without the means for a proper legal defense team, he subjected himself to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit. He was now known as a young man with a criminal record at the age 18.

ajaye-bioThis type of life event would have crippled others however, Adonius knew that the situation he faced at a young age was not his ending. It was divinely orchestrated to show others that even with a past we all have a greater purpose on this earth. He didn’t let the idea of his success moving forward be defined or dictated by others who had considered him a failure. Career opportunities that he was denied due to his past, propelled him to not give up, but to create new paths and a another way to win in life. He coached himself to a better future! As a result the entrepreneur was born and through faith and hard work, several businesses were formed. Adonius has owned several businesses including restaurants, uniform apparel stores and real estate (just to name a few) all before the age of 30!

Adonius has a life story that has been filled with tragedy and triumph! It is this life story that serves as the blue print to him becoming the renowned national success coach, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur that he is today. He is a great man of faith and he understands how faith moves God! Through his life experiences he is reminded how God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things on this earth. He lives life with passion and purpose to help others! His daily walk includes continuing to drive his personal success and coaching others to their highest success. He serves on several spiritual ministries throughout the city of Chicago. He is the founder of Invisible Crown Inc., author of “I AM, My Life, Coach” and “Rebuilding the Broken Bride”.