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INVISIBLE CROWN has a mission to empower others through Success Coaching. We assist individuals in identifying the key resources that are available to them in their lives, if they just knew where to look. These resources draw positive, meaningful energy to them in order to permanently sustain success in every aspect of their lives. Our journey is about building others up so they can become stronger leaders in their families, communities, and society. Each member of our team has been charged with meeting the needs of the people. The founding principle of the INVISIBLE CROWN mission is to empower others so that they can give back to the world, and leave a legacy for their family and community.


Adonius D. Johnson
Entrepreneur/Author/Transformation Coach


Adonius D. Johnson had to navigate systemic racism, poverty, a less than desirable education, and living in a single parent household throughout his childhood. Despite the odds being stacked against him, he had dreams of graduation and going to college to become a computer programmer. His environment and the negative influences surrounding him were a perfect storm for a self-destructive future.
At the age of 18, one life-altering event involving the justice system changed the trajectory of his life forever. A felony criminal record could have crippled his future, however it became his saving grace by introducing a new way of thinking and a pathway to entrepreneurship. He believes it was divinely orchestrated so that he could demonstrate to others that your true purpose can be revealed during a traumatic experience.

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Who we are

INVISIBLE CROWN is a full service resource hub that acts as a catalyst to expose people to all the powers and gifts they possess. Our foundation is built on supernatural experiences given by a higher power. Our method of teaching is relatable to all people on all levels. Most methods of teaching are outdated, so we have chosen an approach that will be applicable to your life today as well as your life tomorrow. The principles are easy to understand and easy to apply to your life.

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Our coaching process is educational in nature. We can help you elevate every area of your life by showing you how to navigate new avenues and take a new approach to utilizing your existing knowledge, skills, and experiences. The team here at INVISIBLE CROWN can direct you and help you find great satisfaction in your life again or for the first time.

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    ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS These sessions are designed for innovators who want personal touch, coupled with maximum acceleration and support for their journey. CORPORATE/GROUP SESSIONS Each participant in the group will gain insight to how their own preconditioning, perceptions, beliefs, and assumptions can get in the way of understanding the people they lead or work with. These sessions are geared to promote personal discovery and new approaches for solving problems.

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    Learn strategies to reverse negative thoughts and create better coping mechanisms, thus producing an internal sense of harmony. This is a structured formal teaching, training, and development process. The individual receives emotional support and assistance while learning to achieve specifically defined personal or professional goals.

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    A collaborative and individualized relationship between a leader and the coach that brings about sustained behavioral change, while transforming the quality of the leader’s professional and personal life.

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    Obtain assistance with the Preparation Period to enhance your life’s purpose, by incorporating practical concepts and spiritual principles into your current position in life. Participants will utilize life experiences, spiritual disciplines, reflective inquiries, and other tools during the development process.

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    Learn the truth of your own innate ability to shape your life and live your dreams, through understanding and working with your thoughts, words, attitudes, beliefs, and actions. Gain the inspiration to keep moving, regardless of the bumps and successes!

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    Acquire the skills to develop yourself more rapidly, produce more satisfying results, and build consistent success. Achieve your goals decisively, and with authority by implementing INVISIBLE CROWN principles, accountability techniques, and commitment to follow-through. In short, maximize your performance through making things happen.

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